Fun Lunch Ideas

Kids love sweet and juicy tangerines!! Compared to oranges, tangerines tend to be smaller in size, and have a looser peel. This make them ideal as lunch fruit for kids and for all of us with on-the-go schedules.A citrus with an exceptionally good karma. Tangerines are a symbol of happiness and prosperity in China, where they are given at weddings and at the Lunar New Year, preferably with a couple of leaves still attached.

Want to mix it up a little bit in your kid’s lunch?  Try creating cute tangerine animals:

Choose baby carrots instead of large carrots. Place the baby carrots in a small plastic container or zip bag. Pour your child’s favorite healthy dressing into one of the smaller compartments.  For a fun confetti dip visit pbs kids! click here>

Still finding the carrots left in the lunch box at the end of the day?

Pair carrots in your child’s lunch with a variety of foods. Pack carrots and cheese sticks together.   Pair carrots with small oyster crackers on another day. Pack carrots and celery sticks in the same container for a colorful change.

by aelorae