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Half Way Through DWTS!
October 21st, 2008


I am so sorry that I haven’t blogged this week. It has been
insane and I have been trying to not get on the phone or my computer
at home and spend that time devoted to my family.

Lots to catch up on though. First on the rumor mill, I’ll
clear the air about my foot. On Sunday during camera blocking I
landed wrong out of the front flip that ended our routine. My foot
was hurting, but I didn’t want to make a big deal of it and
I didn’t tell anyone. I started icing it every few hours and
as the day progressed, it got worse. Monday, I went in for x-rays
just to be safe and sure there was nothing serious going on. The
good news is, the Dr. said I was safe to dance and besides some
pain, I should be okay. After last nights intense jitterbug and
all the acrobatics, it actually is a bit worse today. I had a physical
therapist make a house call this morning and I will continue that
treatment all week. It will take a lot more than that to stop Derek
and I.

I just discovered an amazing, smart, environmentally concious, eco-friendly
lunch box company for the girls school snacks. Check it out at
I love it! All the food is organized inside, each compartment seals,
and you can throw it in the dishwasher. Neriah and Sierra actually
eat more now that they can see all their option neatly layed out.
I was always irritated when they came home with most of their food
in baggies, untouched. Now, I get it, since I don’t want to
eat smushed food in a baggy either.

Till later…


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Castner- mom and creator of Go Green Lunch Boxes

a dream to life is something that many of us talk about, and that’s
it…we just talk about it. Kim Castner is one of those people
who was able to transform her dream into a tangible product: Go
Green Lunch Boxes.

When I met Kim for the first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Since we met for coffee, I thought about bringing my own mug from
home (out of respect to the environment). I assumed someone who
so thoughtfully created an environmentally friendly lunch box must
be some sort of green guru. I was relieved to find out she was more
like the rest of us busy moms. Certainly she places a high priority
on doing her part to save the planet, but her attitude is more in
line with each of us doing our best because even small changes can
make a big impact over time. The passage below describes how Kim
came up with the concept:

Go Green Lunch Box was founded simply out of “frustration.”
Packing two lunches everyday, I was appalled at the amount of waste
generated by the packaging of single-serve items (sandwiches, juices,
snacks, desserts, etc.). All of that – plastic baggies/wrap/cups,
paper cartons/bags, cellophane bags – eventually wound up
in our landfills. Upon reading a statistic about a typical American
child generating 67 pounds of lunch packaging waste each school
year, I knew I had to make some changes. After buying food containers
and trying, unsuccessfully, to fit all the containers into the lunch
boxes we already owned, resulting in either the lids or containers
(or both!) not being brought back home from school, I decided to
solve the problem . . . hence, Go Green Lunch Box!

Meeting Kim was incredibly inspiring. Hearing how many times she
hit a wall in the design phase then managed to work through it reminded
me that the path to success is never simple. She had to learn about
plastic: knowing which plastic is safe for food. She learned about
importing: her lunch boxes are made in China. She learned about
U.S. safety standards: her boxes meet the most stringent standards
regarding environmental health and safety. The most challenging
aspect of the design phase was finding a way to have the compartments
of the lunch box stay sealed and separate from one another. While
there were moments of doubt, she never gave up.

When I asked Kim how she managed to keep pursuing her lunch box,
even after her manufacturer told her that the specifics she wanted
for her box were impossible, she said that she wanted set an example
for her girls. Rather than giving up, she showed her girls (her
husband and her friends) that perseverance and dedication are the
key to success. Her lunch boxes are proof that you can realize your

Her two daughter have been an incredibly important part of the development
process- not only have they started sharing a room (so Kim could
create a home office) but also they help her inspect each lunch
box to make sure all of the parts work. Kim has also asked for their
input on the exterior fabrics and they test the product daily by
taking their lunches to school in the box their mom designed. Pretty

Kim’s dream is just beginning. She hopes to start selling
and shipping her lunch boxes across the country and around the world.
If you haven’t seen a Go Green Lunch Box yet, check out her
website and order yours today. I picked up two for my elementary
school boys and now my youngest is begging to take one to pre-school.
Share her website with others who have school aged children. This
is a great opportunity for us moms to support one another in business
endeavors. Click here: to visit her website.

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www.TheGoToMom.TV, October 2008

Go Moms! Go Green Lunch Boxes

bye plastic baggies! Go Green Lunch Box has a compartmentalized
interior for your child’s lunch and is stocked with a nifty drink
bottle. And the designs are just divine! My boys have the camo and
gator dots boxes.

Going green is an slow process. But how in the world can we

make our children’s lunch part of the movement? Go Green Lunch Boxes
has proved that schools and families can make that change by eliminating
paper and plastic in our child’s lunch all together.

is even a little dry erase board to leave fun notes for your kids.
They just thought of everything!

To be a part of making our planet a more clean and efficient place,
pack a green lunch and check out

Posted on 04-Nov-2008