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2.  Plan your communication

Schools have a parent volunteer who shares product information with school families in one of the following three ways (or all):

Some items are available in Acrobat pdf format, and you will need Acrobat Reader to read and edit them. Click here to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not have the program.

1) Send e-mails with a link to the web site so they can see the different bag patterns.

2) Send flyers showing the patterns. (download fundraising flyer)

3) Set up a table at school and display a sample we provide you. Be sure to share the “cost comparison flyer” to illustrate to families that a Go Green Lunch Box pays for itself after one month. (download here)

The parent volunteer takes orders and collects money. Checks are made payable to your school’s PTA, and then Go Green Lunch Box invoices your school’s PTA. (download sign-up sheet)


3.  Send an email to your school, set up your table!

There is no shipping charge if you are able to pick up directly from Manhattan Beach, CA. Shipping will be added to your order based on your location in the time zones/areas listed below. The best shipping value is to purchase in groups of 20 (sets and/or extra food boxes). Please refer to the following table for shipping cost (per set) calculation.

For example: 35 sets to VA would cost (20 sets x $2.20 + 15 sets x $2.75) $85.25, or $2.44 per set.The parent volunteer e-mails the total amount of lunch boxes sold. Depending on your location, postage will be added to your school invoice. (download totals sheet here)